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Property Management Service in Fargo ND

We work hard so you don’t have to. Finding quality tenants and managing lease agreements can be a time consuming process. We will manage your residential property, evaluate quality tenant perspectives, manage leases, collect monthly rent and keep you informed all along the way.

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Tenant Placement Guarantee

Schilling and Sons has the best tenant placement guarantee in the Fargo Moorhead area. With the assurance of quality tenants you can rest assured that your residential rental property will be filled through the end of the lease. Please see our Tenant Placement Guarantee for more information.

Property Management Fees

Our property management arrangements with residential property owners are customized to your needs. Some owners require tenant placement services only. Other owners engage in a full service end-to-end property management and maintenance repair service. Whether you have a high capacity apartment dwellings, condominiums or single family homes, we likely have a service that fits your needs. Please see our Management Fees page for more details.

Marketing and Advertising

We find the tenants for you. With our in-depth marketing channels and online ad placement technologies we find quality tenants for your residential rental property. Don’t choose a management company that waits for tenants to come to them. Let Schilling and Sons find you your next tenant.

Property Showing

We work so you don’t have to. Our staff will setup showings based on prospective tenants’ schedules, 7-days a week. With our hands on approach to property management, our prospective tenant due diligence commences immediately. The property showing is as much about analysing tenants as it is tenants analysing properties.

Lease Management & Rent Collection

We will execute lease agreements with tenants and manage the monthly rent collections. With Automatic Electronic Funds Transfer our goal is 100% on time rent collection every month.

Property Maintenance

Schilling and Sons perform end-to-end maintenance solutions for your residential rental property. With a Property Management agreement, we can handle simple light-bulb service all the way to a full service maintenance program, including maintenance repair ticket management, maintenance repairs, appliance breakdowns, painting and roofing services as well as a full lawn care and snow removal service. Please see our list of residential rental property maintenance services here.

Other Management Services

From city inspections to evictions to check-ins and check-outs, Schilling and Sons is a turnkey end-to-end residential property management service company servicing the Fargo Moorhead and surrounding areas.

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