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Tenant Placement Guarantee

Schilling and Sons has the best tenant placement guarantee in the Fargo-Moorhead area. With the assurance of quality tenants you can rest peacefully that your residential rental property will be filled through the end of the lease.

We are so confident that your tenants will be reliable, responsible and respectful people we give property owners the best tenant guarantee in the industry. Our tenant screening process requires strict due diligence, including credit verification, background checks, employment verification, income requirements and minimum banking standards.

If one of our guaranteed tenants placed and managed by Schilling and Sons is evicted for any reason or skips before the end of any active lease agreement with Schilling and Sons, we will find a replacement tenant for FREE!

The Schilling and Sons Tenant Guarantee applies to ALL tenants placed and actively managed by Schilling and Sons with Leases beginning on or after June 2012, when this program begins. Program terms are subject to change without notice, but the terms that were active at the time the lease was signed shall remain in effect for the duration of the lease or until renewed, or successfully fulfilled. Schilling and Sons will find replacement tenants at no charge to the Owner, provided that Schilling and Sons continues to manage the property throughout the entire lease term of the newly placed tenant. The Tenant Guarantee ONLY applies to new tenant placement costs and does NOT cover eviction costs, lost rent from vacancy, or any other damages, which shall be addressed using the tenant security deposit.

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