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Patio and Deck Staining Service

For over 25 years we’ve provided deck staining service to the Fargo Moorhead and Lakes areas. Wooden decks eventually succumb to mother nature, especially at our extreme latitudes. You can prolong the life of your wooden deck with regular, ongoing maintenance, including new deck stain. Please contact us today for a free deck staining service estimate.

What Does Deck Stain Do?

When untreated wood is exposed to nature’s elements, such as sun, rain, snow and dirt, it will damage the wood and eventually cause warping, twisting, molding and ultimately, rotting. Keeping fresh coats of deck stain in place seales and waterproofs the wood. The life of your deck will be greatly extended by applying deck stain every couple of years.

Should You Power Wash Before Staining a Deck?

It depends. Power washing is a quick and efficient way to get your deck ready for painting or staining, but it isn’t necessarily a requirement. In some situations, it may not even be a good idea because the washing can chip and gouge the deck. We will help you make a final decision on whether or not your deck should be power washed before staining.

How Much Does It Cost To Stain Your Deck?

The quick answer is not as much as you think. The devil is in the details, however. There are some very good quality, and subsequently more expensive, deck stains on the market. Conversely, there are some less expensive deck stains. Some typically degrade after just a single season while others are still going strong after a few. To complicate it further, some stains are better suited for shade, partial sun or full sun, and the absorption rate into different woods, and different aged woods may require a heavier application and/or may require a second covering. Contact us for a free estimate and we’ll determine the best solution for your deck that fits your budget.

Straightforward Pricing

In 25 years we have never charged more than our detailed proposal. We guarantee a straight forward, personalized and detailed proposal that clearly outlines our entire service and the total cost of your paint job. The most trusted deck staining contractor in Fargo.

Our Success Depends on Your Satisfaction

On time. On Budget. Satisfaction Guaranteed. When you’re in the service industry, all you have is your reputation. After 25 years Schilling and Sons is one of the most trusted interior residential painting service companies in Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo and Detroit Lakes region.

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