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Fargo Snow Removal

Schilling and Sons has provided commercial and residential snow removal services, including sidewalk and driveway snow clearing for over 25 years to Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo.

Residential Snow Removal

Does your driveway or sidewalk need to be cleared of snow? Residential snow clearing and snow blowing is our profession and cover all of Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo. We watch the weather so you don’t have to. With a seasonal contract we will clear your driveway automatically with every measurable snowfall. One time on demand snow removal and cleanup services are also available. Please contact Schilling and Sons for a free estimate.

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Commercial Snow Removal

Do you need your parking lot cleared from snow? With our snow plows and sanding trucks we can plow your parking lot before your customers arrive. With our seasonal rate agreement and after a designated snowfall amount, we will clear your parking lot automatically, even in the middle of the night, so your business remains open, accessible and safe for your customers. No seasonal arrangement? No issue. Calls Schilling and Sons for on demand commercial snow removal services throughout the Fargo metro.

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Snow Storm Cleaning

Just because you don’t have a seasonal snow removal agreement, doesn’t mean we can’t clear your residential driveway on demand. If you need snow removal services on short notice, contact us today. With our array of snow removal equipment including snow plows, snow blowers, snow sweepers and hand shovels, we can handle any sized project.

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Ice Removal

Does your sidewalk or driveway need ice removal? Salt, such as Rock Salt, Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride all have a considerable amount of salt embedded within. Salt is a great sidewalk and driveway ice removal component because it causes a freezing point depression by lowering the freezing point and subsequently the melting point of water. Please contact Schilling and Sons today for residential ice removal services.

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Snow Removal Rates

Residential and Commercial snow removal service rates vary, depending on size, snowfall amount, the equipment requested and whether or the service is a one time on demand or a seasonal rate. Seasonal rates are reduced from our one time list rates and we can have customized trigger points such as specific snowfall amounts, days of week and times of day.

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